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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Gujarat, India
Brand Name:

Online UPS X Series




Elegant LCD design:

With a display screen feature, X Series UPS can display Output Voltage, Frequency, Mode, Fault, Bypass Enable/Disable, Warning messages, Battery information, etc. and help the user to keep a real time track of the system’s working.


Microprocessor Control and IGBT Technology:

The complicated hardware circuitry is inlaid in the powerful microprocessor by means of the innovative software and control programs. Besides the reduced size, it also enhances the reliability of the UPS with savings on electricity bill. The IGBT Power components used in Power factory correction and Inverter section make the UPS system most reliable one.


Self- Testing System :

When turning on the X Series UPS system, it performs an inspection of the UPS, the battery, and the load. The system also instantly detects abnormality to avoid damage to the system and load.


Automatic Bypass Switch :

In case of UPS failure, the automatic bypass switch helps to run in bypass mode so that uninterrupted power supply can run the load without break and provide the warning to user about UPS, Battery or load problem.


User Selectable Output Voltage :

X Series ups allows users to select output voltage from 208,220,230 and 240V AC output voltage.


Communication Software:

           To lodge the events and track the power, lode and battery conditions X Series UPS system, comes     with              the powerful software, This software helps to monitor and manage UPS working status easily and in real                time and can wake user with SMS or Email too.